Baby Milestone Cards (30 Cards)


Our beautiful Race themed, Boho Abstract milestone cards are the perfect way to celebrate your new baby’s exciting first year milestones.
These cards are available in 4 different types, Black/Mixed race girl, Black/Mixed race boy, White girl and White boy.
These are handmade and are completely rare, I searched these in many places and was unable to purchase for my mixed-race niece before she was born, so I created my own to fit the needs for different race families!

We print the designs on high quality, thick 350GSM round edged card, these are not glossy cards which results in higher quality photos taken alongside them, including no flash lights etc. (no glossy reflection in your images).

Each pack contains 30 cards, which measure 105 x 148 millimetres (approximately).
These cards are perfectly packed in a polythene bag, wrapped with a white bow (image of pack in photos)


+ Hello World
+ 1- 12 weeks
+ 4-11 months
+ 1-11 Months
+ Today I’m One
+ First smile
+ My first tooth
+ Sat up on my own
+ First Crawl
+ Slept through the night
+ Took my first steps
+ Stood up by myself
+ First roll over
+ First Tooth
+ First word
+ First Christmas


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